Frequently Asked Questions

Interested In The Columbus Rifle Club?

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding membership in the Columbus Rifle Club.

How do I become a member of the Columbus Rifle Club?

Attend a monthly meeting held on the 1st. Monday of each calendar month at 7pm sharp at the Loup Power Building in Columbus, NE (back door by the parking lot) and introduce yourself to the club members. Either bring in the completed application after downloading from the website or fill out an application at the meeting. 


Open letter to prospective new members from the Columbus Rifle Club's Executive Officers (open PDF).

Where are CRC meeting held?

Loup Public Power Building. Enter through north doors by parking lot.

Do I need to be a member of the NRA (National Rifle Association)?

At the time of application, NRA membership isn’t required. However, once you have been notified by the CRC membership director of an opening then you will need to show proof of being an NRA member.

Join the NRA

How much does it cost to belong to CRC?

Annual membership dues for 2020 is $125 plus a one time initiation fee of $125 for new members and returning members.

Are there any required obligations once I become a member of CRC?

Yes, all members are required to perform 5 hours of community service. This can be accomplished by helping at various club functions such as the spring and fall gun shows, hunters sight in day, mowing crew at the range, participating in scheduled club shoots, helping set up for a scheduled shoot, and assisting with range improvement projects.

What if I am unable to perform community service hours as a member of CRC?

Some members choose not to do community service hours due to their busy schedules. In that case, CRC member will be required to pay 2x the annual membership dues for the next calendar year in order to continue being a club member.

Are there any restrictions at the range?

Yes,  All guests must be supervised by a member and everyone is expected to know and follow all posted Range Rules (Range Rules are posted on the Safety Board ), as well as any and any additional verbal commands and instructions. Additionally, ALL guests must sign a liability waiver and release EACH time they visit the Clark Memorial Range. Each waiver must be countersigned by a Club member in good standing and filed before using the facilities.